Homeschool: American Revolution Unit Study

FREE American Revloution Unit Study

We finished up our Colonial Life Unit  and were very excited to begin discovering the American Revolution.  We have had so much fun and learned so much about the American Revolution during this unit study.  I am sharing our lesson plan here for anyone who may want to use it and so that I can reference it when Ava or Audrey want to discover the history of their nation.

FREE American Revloution Unit Study

I was unable to find any homeschool or educational materials that laid out our country’s history to my satisfaction so I created my own.  I am typically very unstructured when it comes to learning, my children decide on the topics that they want to learn about.  Usually, I can find a lapbook or activity that covers their interest but when Alex said he wanted to dive into American History I knew I needed a ‘learning map’.  I felt the need to have structure for myself, I didn’t want to miss any important events!  I have separated American History into sections and I am planning them as we go.

Our learning involves a lot of reading.  We have really enjoyed the American Adventure book series.  We are secular, the series is not, but Alex loves it.   The series begins with a family in Holland that travels to the New World on the Mayflower the series continues book by book through History following the same family, we have really become attached to the family.

So here it goes, this is a 12 week lesson plan for learning about the American Revolution.  You can tweak it however you see fit, eliminating or adding your own ideas.  I will say that this took us a bit longer than 12 weeks, remember we are relaxed homeschoolers who don’t follow schedules very well!

You can print the resource list & lesson plan here.


A History of US: From Colonies to Country: 1735-1791 A History of US Book Three

American Adventure Books :  Danger in the Harbor (8), Boston Revolts (9)

What Was the Boston Tea Party?

Who Was Paul Revere?

Who Was George Washington?

Who Was Thomas Jefferson?

History Pockets: The American Revolution

The American Revolution Project Pack from In the Hands of a Child

Liberty’s Kids – The Complete Series

America: The Story of Us DVD series (it is streaming on Netflix currently)

Week One:  

European Events that shaped America

  • Read Chapters 1-10 in A History of US  (King Williams War, Queen Ann’s War, King George’s War, French & Indian War, Treaty of Paris)
  • History Pockets p.11 – choosing sides
  • Project Pack Activity 4 – Events that shaped America
  • Liberty’s Kids episodes 1 – 3

 Week Two:  

King George III

  • Read Chapter 11 in A History of US:  A Taxing King (Government of England vs Self Government)
  • Project Pack Activity 5 – King George III
  • Project Pack Activity 6 – King George’s Colonies
  • Project Pack Activity 7 – Forms of Government

British Policies Leading Up to the Revolution (Causes of War)

  • Discuss:  Merchantilism, Royal Proclamation of 1763, The Sugar Act, The Quartering Act, Declaratory Act, Townsend Act, Intolerable Acts, Stamp Act, Taxation & Representation
  • History Pockets p. 23 – Join or Die
  • Project Pack Activity 8 – Nine British Policies
  • Liberty’s Kids episodes 4-6

Week 3:

Colonial Responses & Events to British Policies

  • Read The American Adventure Book 8:  Danger in the Harbor
  • Project Pack Activity 9 – Response to British Policies
  • Discuss:  Committees of correspondence, Sons of Liberty, British troops entering Boston to enforce taxation laws
  • Read The American Adventure Book 9:  Boston Revolts!
  • History Pocket p. 15 – Causes of the War

Boston Massacre (1768)

  • Read Chapter 13 in A History of US – A Massacre in Boston
  • Read The American Adventure Book 10:  The Boston Massacre
  • History Pocket p. 17 –  The Boston Massacre
  • Liberty’s Kids episodes 7-9

Week 4:

Boston Tea Party (1768)

  • Read ‘What Was the Boston Tea Party?’
  • History Pockets p. 21 – The Boston Tea Party
  • Discuss Tories/Loyalists, Neutrals, & Patriots
  • Project Pack Activity 10 – Tories, Loyalists, Neutrals, & Patriots

Continental Congress

  • Discuss the First & Second Continental Congress
  • Project Pack Activity 11 –  First & Second Continental Congress
  • Liberty’s Kids episodes 10-12

Week 5:  Patriots of the Revolution

Paul Reveres Midnight Ride (1775)

  • Read ‘Who Was Paul Revere’
  • Read Chapter 14 in A History of US
  • History Pockets p. 32 – Paul Revere’s Ride
  • Project Pack Activity 14 – Paul Revere’s Ride

Samuel Adams

  • Read Chapter 12 in A History of US

George Washington

  • Read ‘Who was George Washington’
  • History Pockets p. 28 – General George Washington

John Hancock

  • Project Pack Activity 13 – Famous Patriots
  • Liberty’s Kids Episodes 13-15

Week Six:

Women of the Revolution

  • Read Chapter 22 of A History of US
  • History Pockets p. 53 – Women in the War

Thomas Paine & Common Sense

  • Project Pack Activity 15 – Common Sense
  • Liberty’s Kids Episodes 16-18

Week Seven:  Battles

  • Read Chapters 23-26 in A History of US
  • History Pockets p. 41 – A Soldier’s Life
  • History Pockets p. 43 – A Soldier’s Uniform
  • Liberty’s Kids episodes 19-21

Week Eight:  Battles

  • Read Chapter 28 in A History of US
  • Read Chapters 18 & 19 in A History of US
  • History Pockets p. 47 – A Powder Horn
  • History Pockets p. 49 – Diary of a Soldier
  • History Pockets p. 59 – The Battle of Bunker Hill
  • History Pockets p. 61 – A Famous Naval Battle
  • History Pockets p. 65 – Patriotic Quotes from the Battlefield
  • Liberty’s Kids Episodes 22-24

Week Nine:

Spies & Traitors

  • History Pockets p. 70 – Invisible Ink
  • History Pockets p. 72 – Benedict Arnold
  • History Pockets p. 75 –  Top Secret!

Second Continental Congress Meets

  • Read Chapter 16 in A History of US
  • Liberty’s Kids episodes 25-27

Week Ten:

Declaration of Independence (1776)

  • Read Chapter 20 in A History of US
  • Read Who was Thomas Jefferson
  • History Pockets Activity 31 – Jefferson’s Declaration
  • Project Pack Activity 16 – Declaration of Independence

Four Parts of the Declaration

  • Project Pack Activity 17 – Four Parts of the Declaration

    Serious learning going on!
    Serious learning going on!

Authors of the Declaration of Independence

  • Read Chapter 21 in A History of US
  • Project Pack Activity 18 – Declaration Author Bios
  • Liberty’s Kids episodes 28-30

Week Eleven:

The Articles of Confederation (1781)

  • Read Chapters 29 & 30 in A History of US
  • Project Pack Activity 20 – Articles of Confederation

Symbols of Freedom

  • Discuss Stars & Stripes Flag (1777)
  • Project Pack Activity 19 – Symbols of Freedom

The Battle Continues

  • Read Chapters 31 & 32 in A History of US
  • Discuss:  The Continental Army, The Continental Navy, Teh Militias , Teh Minutemen
  • Project Pack Activity 21 – Three forces against the British
  • Project Pack Activity 22 – Out-Fighting the British
  • Liberty’s Kids episodes 31-33

Week Twelve:

Victory!  British Surrender at Yorktown (1781)

  • Project Pack Activity 23 – The end of the war

Articles of Confederation Ratified

  • History Pockets p. 86 – The Great Seal

Treaty of Paris (1783)

  • Discuss

You can print the resource list & lesson plan here.

I really hope that you found this helpful!  If you have anything to add or just want to say “hi!” please do so in the comments, thank you.

To see a list of our lesson topics please click here.

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