Natural Parenting

I try to be a kind mama.  I try not to yell.  I try not to demand.  I try to be patient.  I try, but it doesn’t always work.  When it doesn’t work I try to make it right by being honest and owning my mistakes. I practice gentle discipline and I respect my children.

natural parenting

I breastfeed my children until they are ready to stop.  I am an advocate of breastfeeding in public.   I am not ashamed to breastfeed my 4-year-old.  I encourage others to breastfeed and to breastfeed in public if you are comfortable.  I really hope that breastfeeding is normalized when my babies have babies.

I believe in kindness.  I believe in respect.  I know that my children are people and they deserve my kindness and respect.  I am in no way a perfect parent but I try to do the best for my children, myself, and our family.  When I am wrong, which I often am, I say that I am sorry.

Here are some of my parenting posts.   I hope that you enjoy them and look forward to making new connections, please comment if you feel called to.  <3


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13 thoughts on “Natural Parenting

  1. nubia says:

    You are a beautiful soul, I have 3 children 2 daughters and my youngest is my Son. 6, & the other 2 are approaching 4 & 1. I needed to hear exactly what you shared and I’m a truly grateful to have acknowledged your words. I have always desired to be a Mama and I always said I wanted 2 girls and a boy and I got just that so I am always grateful and aware of all the positive moments we share as a family. However I have times where I could have handle negative situations a bit more better with a more loving way as you explained. Sometimes I feel like i’m struggling to give them all my attention at once. I love to have special momments with them and everyday I go over in my head if I done things right and if not how to improve for the following days. All I want is to raise beautiful children and have the best bond with them always. I’m a young mama I had my 1st daughter at 17 and I’m a mum who’s always with them, I breastfeed all my kids till the age of 1and slightly over with my 2nd. I am a natural Mama and I just need to get it better than it is cos I do get miserable at times when they act out but I will defiantly disipline them in a loving way rather than shouting and being negative back. They can only learn from the one who raises them. So yeah I could go on and on but ill leave it there and I thank you for sharing your wise thoughts. To hear or read something your looking for from such beautiful people helps. So thank you x

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