Holiday Crafts And Santa Too!

We missed our homeschool ooey gooey art class this week.  We are very lucky though because the art teacher happens to be a very good friend of ours and delivered the supplies necessary for two very ooey gooey art projects to our home.   She delivered the supplies needed for each of the kids to make an edible Christmas tree and a puffy paint snowman, the kids were so excited!

We made the edible Christmas tree frist.  Then when the kids were really wound up after eating the tree we made the puffy paint snowman.  These are both quick, easy, and fun holiday crafts.

Edible Christmas Tree:

All you need for this craft is ice cream cones, green frosting, and edible decorations such as colored marshmallows, candy cane sprinkles, and holiday colored mini chocolate chips.

Have the kids cover the cone in icing then stick the decorations onto the tree…..

They sampled the goodies while building….

Make sure to take a picture of their edible Christmas Tree before…..

They eat their art! 

Puffy Paint Snowman:

For this craft you cut the shape of a snowman from white poster board.  Cut out the hat and scarf from construction paper.  We used googly eyes, pom poms, and pipe cleaner as well.  When you are ready for the kids to screate their snowman you can make the puffy paint.  Simply mix equal parts shaving cream and glue.  We used popsicle sticks to spread the puffy paint onto the snowman.  Try to have the kids lay it on thick and not spread it too much so that it will dry super puffy.

Once they are done painting the snowman with the puffy paint they can add all of the accessories.

The kids were very proud of their creations.

After a fun afternoon filled iwth holiday crafting we headed out to see Santa at a nearby park.  They were able to play in snow (delivered by an ice truck because you know there is no snow in Florida!).  The kids were too cold to wait in line to see Santa and settled on an inflatable version. 

To make up for not seeing Santa we headed out to get ice cream.  Yes, it was too cold to wait in line for Santa but it is never too cold for ice cream!

Two days later the kids finally got to see Santa (with no wait).  Audrey was a bit nervous at first….

Then she went back for a hug!

Do you have a fun holiday craft to share?  If you do please leave a link in the comments, thank you!!

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One thought on “Holiday Crafts And Santa Too!

  1. I guess my latest post about a pine branch table arrangement could be considered an adult holiday craft! But I still have my kids tiny hand print Christmas decorations and put them out every year!

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