Hello Sunday, I Am Ready For Monday.

It has been a crazy week.  I am so very ready for this week to end and a new week to begin.  I am  going to share a brief overview of our week because I am simply too tired to write a long post right now.

On Monday we got the call that my husband needed to be at work (on the other side of the country) on Tuesday.  Transitions are always difficult on the kids, and me.  I am sure that it is most difficult for my husband who has to leave us behind.  The beginning of the week was full of me meeting each of my children’s emotional needs.   When Shane first leaves I try to plan random fun activities to distract them and ease the transition.  We had a campout in the living room and a picnic in the backyard.

We started to get back into our groove towards the middle of the week.  Ava and I were putting away groceries when  I opened the cabinet that I keep most of our dry goods….a tiny moth flew out.  I really didn’t think anything about it until I read Lisa’s post over at 100 days of real food.  I realized that I had pantry moths (they like real food too!) and my kitchen needed much attention in order to get rid of them and to insure that they don’t come back.

photo credit: 100 Days of Real Food

I know exactly where they came from.  It was an item that  I bought BOGO at the grocery store.  It seems they don’t just appear, most often you bring them home with you from the store.  I will certainly write a post about this soon!

And last but not least the biggest YUCK of the week.  Audrey had been having a tummy ache at bedtime every night for the last half of the week.  I thought it was because she ate meat and it didn’t agree with her system.   Last night she had three poopie accidents.  While cleaning up the last one I discovered what may be the grossest thing that I have ever seen since being a mama.  There were little white worms in her poop.  Yep, worms.  I have never experienced worms and knew very little about them.  I headed to the computer and discovered they are pinworms.

I decided to post a pic of Audrey because she is much cuter than pinworms!

Pinworms are more common than lice in children.  I was reassured to find out that this has nothing to do with cleanliness (the old wives tale about playing in dirt).  Children actually pick it up from public places just as they would any germ or virus.  If children have the larvae on their hand (from itching) and touch something, such as a sink, they leave behind the larvae.  This larvae can live up to THREE WEEKS on a contaminated surface just waiting for someone else to ‘pick it up’.  So I am now thoroughly grossed out and searching for natural remedies and notifying friends that may have been exposed.  I called the doctor and she prescribed a pill, I am not sure at this time if I will use it.  We are trying natural remedies first.  I will certainly write a post about this once it is behind us.

Today is Sunday and I am exhausted.  I am going to spend the day cleaning the house from top to bottom with the hopes that my other two kids won’t be affected and finding a remedy for my sweet Audrey.  I am ready for Monday 🙂

6 thoughts on “Hello Sunday, I Am Ready For Monday.

  1. Poor Audry! I hope she feels better soon! There should hopefully be a goodie box on its way to you sometime this week. I’m hoping you’ll have it in time for Sinterklaas.

    • Angela says:

      Thank you Jessica, she slept great last night thank goodness. I think the worst is behind us. The plus side is my house is super clean, this rarely happens these days. Thank you for inspiring us to learn about Sinterklaas 🙂

  2. Oh my, that was a seriously difficult week. On the meal worms… I dealt with these many years ago. They came in inside a box of cornmeal muffins and had spread everywhere and I threw soooo much out. Since then everything I get goes into sealed containers, gallon-sized jars for flours, smaller (like reused spagetti sauce jar) for items I use in smaller quantities like oat bran.

    Hope you daughter is feeling better–that would be a tough one. I remember the ‘oh no I’m shampooing my kids with pesticides’ feeling on the lice years ago when there weren’t good alternatives, but this is even more difficult. Best of luck and hope your Thanksgiving goes well.

    • Angela says:

      I am so glad that I kept all of the spagetti jars! My kitchen is so clean and organized, I am actually grateful for those little bugs…kind of.

      Audrey is recovering nicely and I am attempting to not allow them to spread to the others, or me. Thank goodness for the internet, I found some really good natural remedies for pinworms.

      Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family….take a picture of your feast, I am sure that it will be beautiful and delicious!

    • Angela says:

      I now put all dry goods in the freezer for 24 hours upon bringing them home and store them in glass jars. I knew that I was saving those spagetti sauce jars for something 😉
      Thank you for your well wishes, she is doing much better. It was the first time in 6 years that I attempted an rx and guess what she got hives from it! Lesson learned, I discovered a natural way to eliminate them and they are gone!
      I hope that you ahd a great Thanksgiving as well.

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