First Day Of December: Let The Magic Begin!

Today is the first day of December.   We all woke up feeling wonderful (after feeling horrible for the last week).  I decided that we would begin the month of December filled with holiday magic!

I let the kids watch Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer while they ate breakfast.  Ava was the first to spot her special holiday elf hiding in one of our hanging indoor plants.  She was so excited to be reunited with her sweet elf!

We don’t do elf on a shelf in our home.  Our elves come in December and share in our love and gratitude.  Our elves offer the kids comfort when they are feeling unsettled or need some love and understanding.  They do get into mischief during the nights.  The kids wake up very exited to see the living room wrapped in toilet paper or sugar footprints all over the kitchen counter.  Last year an elf even fished for goldfish in the toilet.  I love the holiday magic!

Once the kids settled down from all of the elf excitement we made our Christmas countdown chain and hung it near our tree.  Each night before bed the kids take turns removing a ring.  Only one ring will be left on Christmas Eve!

I found this fun Santa advent craft on Pinterest.

Every day the kids glue a cotton ball on Santa until his beard is full.  Ava especially loves this craft!  You can print this over at Inviting Printables.  I typed the poem up on a larger sheet of paper then made a poster and hung in on our fridge.

The kids all made their Christmas lists. You can tell that Alex is a beach bum, he answered ‘trunks’ for the clothes that he will wear!   Tonight they will roll them up and put them on their elves lap and the list will be gone in the morning!  You can print this list over at Somewhat Simple.

After crafting and list making we took a break on this gorgeous December day to head to the river.  It’s days like this that make me really appreciate living in Florida!

When we arrived home from playing at the river we discovered that a package had been delivered to our door.  This delivery was a very special one, it is from Jessica from Far From Kansas.   She sent the kids a box full of Dutch hoiday treats and activities.  We are so grateful for her thoughtfulness.  This package will kick of our learning about Christmas holidays around the world.

It has been a beautiful first day of December, simply perfect!

Do you have any favorite holiday countdown crafts that you would like to share?  Please do so in the comments 🙂

One thought on “First Day Of December: Let The Magic Begin!

  1. YAY! I’m glad it made it (hopefully not too busted up…the post office here has a way of destroying things I send). I hope you and the kids have a good time with it. I’ve been busy getting together the Sinterklaas items I need for the family visit. It’s been fun!

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