We Finished Our Human Body Unit!!

Homeschool: Free Human Body Lesson Ideas

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*post e/28/15 – we are currently working on our second human body unit, more posts to come!

We completed our (first) human body unit today.  It was really fun and the kids learned a bunch.  We used several free resources to complete this unit.  WE watched a few videos.  I highly recommend the Magic School Bus series, books and movies, while studying the human body.  This is an overview of what we learned and as I mentioned above we are doing this unit again now that everyone is a bit older so check out master list of lessons (with links) to see more lesson ideas while you are learning about the human body.

This is a great video about how the human body works:

We finished our human body lapbook from Homeschool Share.  It was our biggest one yet.  Alex is super proud.  He takes such pride in all of the lapbooks that he had created.  He often goes back and looks them over and he loves showing them to people who come to visit.  I love lapbooks and am so glad that we discovered them!










A few of our favorite books while learning about the human body were (click on image for link):



He really enjoyed todays activity.  We traced his body on craft paper.  He cut out and glued on some organs (he was confused with the lungs and the heart …not sure which to put above which).  You can find printable cut-out organs over at Exploring Nature.

He also glued on words of body parts to the correct location (knees, chin, ankle..).  I am going to cut it out, fold it up, and put it in a folder on the back of his lapbook.  **Note:  If I do this activity again I will use masking tape for bones!**


Previous human body activities we completed  (click on them and you can read what we did):  germs, digestive system, heart & blood.

Some other projects that I would like to do in future human body studies are:

Soda Bottle Lung from Kartwheels Kid Projects

photo credit:  Kartwheel Kids Project
photo credit: Kartwheel Kids Project

Backbone model  from Spell Out Loud

photo credit:  Spell Out Loud
photo credit: Spell Out Loud

Body Bingo from Ellen McHenry’s Basement Workshop.

photo credit:  ellenjmchenry
photo credit: ellenjmchenry

Ava worked on preschool Valentines activity.  It is free and you can find it here!

Last week I asked Alex what he wanted to learn about next, he told me “how people got here”.  I just ordered a bunch of books on the Big Bang Theory and Evolution.   I am also looking through Netflix documentaries on the topics.   I figure we will start at the beginning of time and go from there.

Hmmmm…I am beginning to sound like an unschooler!

I love homeschooling.

To see a list of all of our homeschool lessons (with links) please click here. 

Homeschool:  Free Human Body Lesson Ideas

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