Fine Motor Skills: Painting Letters

Ava has been very frustrated lately with her handwriting.   She sees her brother writing letters with ease and does not understand why she cannot accomplish this.  This week I have given Ava a few tools that will hopefully help build her fine motor skills and create a confidence in her that she too will be able to write with ease.  She will hopefully realize that writing with ease takes practice and perseverance.  And  most importantly I want her to know that practice can be fun!

Ava has trouble holding a pencil and she does not like to be ‘taught’ or corrected.  I bought a few items that have made it easier for her to hold a pencil and it requires no intervention, or correcting, from me.

Alex and Ava both love these rubber holders that go over their pencils…..

I also picked up some triangle-shaped colored pencils that assist in holding the pencil correctly…..

The funnest project so far has been painting letters with Q Tips.  I printed up a few alphabet tracing sheets from DTK, placed some paint in a dish, and set a few Q Tips on the side. 

Ava came to the table excited to create her letters with paint. 

Even Audrey got in on the fun. 

This is a fun and easy way to enforce fine motor skills while creating letters.  Do you have any other fun fine motor skills building activities that your kids love that you would like to share?  If so please leave it in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Fine Motor Skills: Painting Letters

  1. I did in-home therapy with a kid with PDD years ago. One of the motor skills activities we did was to make letters using play dough. It doesn’t specifically work on pencil holding but rolling out the play dough and shaping the letters does work on motor skills and letter shapes at the same time. And it’s fun.

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