Finding Balance As A Homeschool Mama

Today started out really good…I might even say great.  I woke up to a super smiley Audrey next to me in bed….honestly the best way to wake up.  Hubby had already made coffee.  My cup, creamer, and spoon were waiting for me on the counter (he rocks).  Oatmeal breakfast for everyone then off to the park to burn some energy.

Alex and Ava were getting along so nicely at the park.  Audrey was having a blast on the slide.  I actually sat on a bench for 5 minutes…total bliss I tell ‘ya!


see-saw fun!
She loves the slide!

 Then I heard screaming.  Alex was in Ava’s space and not listening to her words.  Ava did what Ava does when cornered…she bit Alex.  They are now both screaming and crying.  Audrey became anxious from all of the chaos and began to cry as well.  Goodbye bliss, hello reality.  I loaded the kids, still screaming and crying, into the truck and headed home.

The kids managed to calm down on the ride home, me not so much.  I walked in the front door, already tense, to a disaster of a house.  Laika, our dog, had gotten into the trash.  Trash was all over the kitchen..gross.   The house was a total mess (I usually do a morning clean up but I skipped this morning so we could play at the park).  Dirty laundry and dishes needed my attention.  The kids bellies needed my attention.   Our schoolwork was waiting for us on the table.  I felt overwhelmed and landed in chaos.

I found myself running around trying to clean house, do laundry, do dishes, feed kids, and on top of it all be a fun mom.  I was trying to do everything at the same time.   In all of the running around I actually accomplished very little.  I aways look back in hindsight when I do this.  The more I try to do at the same time the less I actually accomplish.

Then I remembered to just breath.  I sat down and took a 5 minute break, while nursing Audrey, and put the day in perspective.  I had to remind myself that I can only accomplish one thing at a time.  Running around trying to do everything is simply not productive, at least for me, and no one has a good, or fun, time.

In that short 5 minute nursing break I regrouped and moved on.  I moved on one step at a time.

I made the kids lunch and served it as a picnic in the back yard. After lunch they worked on their Valentine/letter recognition activity for the day.

Matching capital & lowercase letters

Alex and Ava went outside to play for a little bit while Audrey watched a video.  The kids were all preoccupied.  I took this opportunity to straighten up the chaos.  I folded a load of laundry, put the diapers in the wash, unloaded/loaded the dishwasher, and did a quick vacuum of the common area of our house.

Alex and Ava came in to watch a documentary on how the universe was made while I put Audrey down for a nap.  After the show Alex, Ava, and I snuggled on the couch to read about the Big Bang Theory, Alex’s choice, and Valentine Poems, Ava’s choice.

The kids are went outside to play (again) and Audrey was still sleeping.  I sat down at the computer to decompress for a few minutes.

Balance is hard to come by when you are a mama.  Add homeschooling to you mama ‘to do’s’ and finding balance becomes a little bit more strategic.  But you know what..I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I choose a happy house over a spotless house.  I want my kids to remember us having fun together, not me being a compulsive clean freak (honestly, this is a struggle for me).

I do my best and find some kind of a balance everyday.   Sometimes this seems to be a struggle but I keep remembering to just breath.  It truly is helping me find balance as a homeschool mama.

I love homeschooling!


One thought on “Finding Balance As A Homeschool Mama

  1. Sunshine says:

    Rough day!! I struggle with the same thing, even more so probably being a working mom and having less time to spend with them, but still wanting to have an organized home. Sometimes you just have to let go, right? You might want to read that book that I emailed you about, “The Power of Now.” <3 In your spare time…LOL.

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