Field Trip Friday: Brevard Zoo

We have been learning about evolution this week therefore we have been discussing many animals and how they evolved.  For this weeks field trip…off to the Brevard Zoo with our friends!

We started at the cheetahs.  One was playing with his toy ball…Audrey thought this was hilarious!

Next we went to the giraffes.  They were awake but weren’t interested in eating any creackers from the kids, Alex was bummed. 

The siamangs were making a bunch of noise this morning!  It was only the second time I have heard them.  This was a good time to explain to Alex that a siamang is a gibbon.  The fact that the siamang is an ape and not a monkey tied in nicely with our evolution studies.

Audrey was excited to see the black swan.

My favorite part was the cossowary.  I did not know what it was initially then I read the description.  It is considered the most deadly bird.  Apparently, it has a very strong kick and uses its dagger like sharp toe….wow.

We always have to ride the train.

Petting zoo fun…








Alex liked the touch tank.  He held the horseshoe crab.

The favorite part for the kids was playing…..

Water Fun!


Digging for turtle eggs









Today was a blast.  The kids got to play with their friends and I got to hang out with my friend.  Fun was had by all.

Have I mentioned….I love homeschooling!

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