Field Trip Fun: WFIT Public Radio Station

If we are not listening to an audio book or Pandora we are listening to WFIT 89.5.  It is one of the very few radio stations programmed in our van.  My husband introduced me to this radio station many (many!) years ago.   He actually thought of this fun field trip idea…thanks Shane!

Field Trip Fun:  WFIT

The kids and I were very excited to go on a field trip to our local public radio station WFIT.

Field Trip Fun:  WFIT
this pic was taken AFTER the field trip, they were given lollipops!

Here is a little bit about WFIT:

A voice of the community for more than 40 years, WFIT is your source for listener-supported and independent music, news and information.  WFIT’s mission is to provide quality programming that enriches and enhances the cultural and educational environment of east central Florida. Our station forms a unique partnership between the educational resources of Florida Institute of Technology  and the informational needs of our listeners.  –

Visiting our public radio station, WFIT, was a great experience.  We all learned a bunch and had a great time along the way!  On the day that we toured the studio Todd Kennedy was not in his usual spot playing music, he was in the studio with a live band.

Todd Kennedy with Laura Rain & The Caesars photo credit: WFIT


Laura Rain and The Caesars were in the studio and we were lucky enough to quietly take a peak!

Field Trip Fun:  WFIT

We were able to look around the room where the radio host typically occupies.  It was empty because Mr. Kennedy was with the band.

Field Trip Fun:  WFIT

We were told that Todd Kennedy had pre-recorded the mornings music since he would be occupied with the band.  We also found out that due to the death of George Martin, Mr. Kennedy had to come in early and develop a new line-up to honor George Martin.  SO yeah, maybe I am a music flunky but I had never heard of this man.  Turns out Sir George Martin was a pretty important guy in the history of music.

George Martin, the urbane English record producer who signed the Beatles to a recording contract on the small Parlophone label after every other British record company had turned them down, and who guided them in their transformation from a regional dance band into the most inventive, influential and studio-savvy rock group of the 1960s, died on Tuesday at his home in Wiltshire, England. He was 90.PR affiliate station.  Like our family they encourage life long learning. –NY TImes

We got to see the room with all of the CD’s…it was a library of music!

Field Trip Fun:  WFIT

The halls were lined with cool posters.

Field Trip Fun:  WFIT

And you might even catch glimpse of the cat that has decided that FIT is it’s home!  I noticed food dishes on the floor and had to ask.  Apparently, this cat has made FIT it’s home.  It has been given a few different names but the staff at WFIT  assisted in safely trapping, neutering and returning him to Florida Tech.  He is living a very happy life being pampered by the staff and student alike!

Field Trip Fun:  WFIT
photo credit: FIT


When reading a bit about WFIT I was happy to discover that they support lifelong learning, yay!

As an NPR affiliate station, we also strive to encourage lifelong learning for our listeners through thought-provoking news and programs.

This was a great field trip and we all learned more than even I expected.  After our amazing field trip we headed to the park for a bit….

Field Trip Fun:  WFIT

Then off to a birthday party at Pump It Up…

Field Trip Fun:  WFIT

We all slept good that night.

To see more of our fun field trips, please click here.  By the way, I CANNOT believe that it has been 3 years since I posted about a field trip, it seems that I need to catch up!

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    • Angela says:

      I loved this trip, we learned a lot and the kids really enjoy listening to WFIT now because they know where the music is coming from!
      We went on a tour of Ben & Jerry’s yesterday and the projection room at the movie theater….up next! 😉

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