Field Trip Friday: Sebastian Inlet Tide Pool

This week marked the beginning of Autumn.  I have been jealous of all of the blog posts and Facebook status updates about the cooler autumn weather.  I live in Florida.  The temperature is still in the mid 80’s and there are no leaves changing their color much to Ava’s disappointment.

I am actually contemplating a trip North so we can see the beautiful fall leaves in Georgia.  But in the meantime I decided to embrace our tropical Florida climate and head to the Sebastian Inlet Tide Pool with some of our favorite homeschool friends for a sun and fun filled Field Trip Friday.

Hello Autumn in Florida!

The kids love to explore….

There is quite a variety of creatures to be discovered at the tide pool!

We found this big ‘ol crab….

We were cautious of jelly fish…..

The kids keep some of their finds to observe in buckets.

The buckets become touch tanks!

We served lunch on boogie boards.

One of our friends brought an inflatable boat.  We named it the homeschool bus, the kids had a blast cruising around in the water.

Two brothers in our group worked together to construct a river.  All of the kids enjoyed pouring water and watching the river flow.

It was a beautiful day in one of my favorite places with some of my favorite friends.

I love homeschooing!

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