Field Trip Friday: Post Office

I am really late on this field trip Friday post.  Shane is home and we are all trying to cram as much ‘fun time with daddy’ as we can.  It seems that blogging gets put on the back burner while he is home!

Our most recent Friday was a total chill day with our favorite homeschool Friday friends.  After days and days of rain from tropical storm Debbie the sun finally made an appearance and we all hit the beach!

Alex netting some fish
snack time!
Don't you eat grapes like this?

Yes, I know that the title of this post says we went to the post office not the beach.   I said earlier I have been slacking on posting.  I realized that I never posted about our field trip to the post office a week ago.  What better time than now?  So here you go…our field trip to the post office…….

I have shipped a ton of packages due to selling on eBay.  I print my postage labels online and place them in my postal bin by my front door.  Our postal worker, Jim, is absolutely wonderful and always checks to see if I have packages out front, he knows I often forget to schedule a pickup!

I have never been behind the scenes of a post office.  I have to say that I assumed that it would be a little more high-tech than what we saw on our field trip.  I will also say that this field trip made me appreciate postal workers even more.  I really really enjoyed this field trip.

Alex standing in front of the PO boxes.

Here is the backside of the PO boxes.

If I worked at a post office I would have to freak a few people out by sticking my hand in with the mail while customers were picking up their mail!

You know when you slide your mail through the post office wall.  Well, here is where your mail falls.  I am not sure what I expected (maybe some high-tech conveyor belt taking my envelope immediately for delivery) but this seemed quite simple.   

This is my favorite part of our field trip.  There were several cube areas surrounded by slotted shelves like this.

We were told that this is the location a postal worker organizes their routes mail.  Every ‘cube’ was a postal route.  And in these ‘cubes’ there are numbered slots.  The numbers are addresses and each envelope goes into a specific slot, organized, packed up in a large bin on wheels, loaded onto a truck, and then delivered.  I had no idea that Jim did all of this prior to getting into his truck to make his deliveries.

Our guide asked if anyone lived in a particular town which happened to be ours.  I raised my hand and told him our address.  He showed us our numbered slot.  Alex thought this was so cool…so did I!

There is our address!

Next we headed outside.  Of course Alex had to get into a mail truck!

This wrapped up our very informative visit to the post office.  By the way, we were told that this facility did have the conveyor belts of my imagination but they had recently been moved to a larger facility.  The kids were all given a postal bag, gold pin, and keepsake post card.  I have to say that this was a great field trip Thursday….I mean Friday.

I love homeschooling!


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