Field Trip Friday: Melbourne Police Station

Alex was super excited about our field trip to the police station.  It is not so much the police that excited him it is the actual physical police station.  He is most interested in the design and layout.  I am sure this has to do with his favorite Lego set ..the police station!  I think he really wanted to compare reality with the wonderful world of Lego.

I was not so excited about this one at first.  I guess crazy, and somewhat stupid, teenage run in’s with the police still make me a little uneasy.  Silly but true.  Ava must have felt the same way as me about police stations, I hope it isn’t a premonition, and decided to spend the morning with grandma instead of visiting the police station.

Alex, Audrey, and I headed over to the Melbourne Police Station.  Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take photos but we snuck a few.  The reasoning for their no photo policy is so no ‘bad’ guys are able to become familiar with the police station.  I guess if I ever get locked up you won’t have the blueprint to bust me out!

Here are some of the highlights.  Well the highlights that I was permitted to photograph.

Alex very excited about getting to go inside….

Alex locked up….

The officer giving us the tour thought that it was hilarious that Alex was very concerned about how uncomfortable the potty looked.

Alex in front of his cell…..

He really liked getting these photos taken in and around the jail cell.  He seems to have a fondness for the bad guys.  My husband was amused when I expressed concern over the fact that he preferred the dark side of Darth Vader than the ‘good’ side of Luke.  Shane has assured me that all little boys prefer the dark side.

Alex getting ready to bust someone out!

He REALLY liked this one!

Honestly, the photos that I would have loved to have loved to have taken (and shared) were the personal items hanging in the lieutenants cubicles.  Some of their cubes had items that were hilarious….such as a bank robbery note alongside the presumable authors mug shot!  Some of the cubicles really cracked me, and some of the other mamas, up!

We were able to go outside and visit a police cruiser.  Sitting up front…..

And in the back…. 

I am really not sure if he preferred the front or the back.  The front had to have been more comfortable due to the fact hat the back had no cushion.

Alex and I BOTH enjoyed the field trip.  The only other thing that he would have liked to have seen was a coffee pot and a police dog.  His Lego set has both. 😉

I love homeschooling!

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7 thoughts on “Field Trip Friday: Melbourne Police Station

  1. Paula says:

    What a fun field trip! We’re about to read Flat Stanley, and I was thinking about taking a field trip to our local police station. Did you have to call ahead to arrange or just show up?

    • Angela says:

      A lady in one of our local homeschool groups called ahead and scheduled it. It was wonderful, you should totally set up a trip for you and any of your friends!!

    • Angela says:

      Sarah, thank you for stopping by! I will certainly link up with you after my crazy kids go to bed, thank you so much for including me 🙂

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