Field Trip Friday….Legoland!

I am feeling so content and confident in our decision to homeschool.  I honestly could not imagine not homeschooling.  We are finding our groove in regards to routine.  It also seems that our groove changes frequently.  Routine in our house is not a set written schedule, I tried that and it didn’t work for us.  Our current routine is simple.  We try to work on whatever topic we are studying in the morning, eat lunch, play outside, and rest/naps.  The afternoons are usually a combo of learning experiences and play.  I have found that if I am attempt anything structured it works best in the morning.

Recently, as in just this week, I have decided to implement a new routine into our weekly schedule…..field trip Friday!  We live in an amazing location that offers many cheap, often free, fun places to explore and learn.  I figure that having a ‘set’ adventure day every week would be fun for the kids and  give them something to look forward to.  I will begin to compile a list of fun places for us to go.

We started the week with a very special field trip Friday.  We were going to Legoland!  We were lucky enough to have an opportunity with our homeschool group to visit Legoland for $5 a person…SCORE!!  You have to understand that Alex lives and breathes Legos.  He barely slept Thursday night stating he was “just too excited”.

Here are some photos of our first field trip Friday:


Alex was jealous of the girl with all of the Lego!



At the zoo!








Star Wars & Legos together!!






More Star Wars!!








Ava drives!













Alex loved that they has the entire KSC built!






Audrey's first ride on a carousel. It had 2 levels!








Legoland wore her out!




You can see that we had a blast at Legoland, fieldtrip Friday Success!!

I love homeschooling!


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