Field Trip Friday: Hutchinson Island (Part 1)

This homeschool field trip was our largest and longest field trip adventure yet!

The field trip started out as a trip to the Oceanographic center and then it grew and then grew some more.  As many things in our homeschooling world this field trip didn’t go exactly as planned but sometimes that just makes it all that much better.

One of our homeschooling friends put together a group trip to the Florida Oceanographic Society’s center on Hutchinson Island.  Our group decided we would all meet down there in the morning and explore the oceanographic center then hit the beach.  I was excited to visit bathtub beach, I had heard wonderful things about it and I have never been.  I also wanted to see the rocky beaches of Florida that are located nearby.

Most of our group was planning on staying in the area all day.  Many of us have little ones and did not want to risk the 2 hour trip home in the middle of the afternoon…that would mean late naps and THAT would mean late bedtimes.  We were dead set on making this an all day adventure!

The night before I packed all of our food, beach toys, changes of clothers…well pretty much everything but the kitchen sink.  It is my nature to overpack and be overprepared.  I had to set the alarm (gasp…I know!) in order to get up at 6:30 the next morning.

The kids were super excited when I woke them up in the morning.  I told Alex that we would skip the interstate and travel South on A1A.  He has always wanted to travel further South on the barrier island on which we live and I figured it would be much more of a mellow drive.  We had a great drive South, it was absolutely beautiful!

We arrived at the Oceanographic center ready to charge!

Ava and Audrey loved to pet and feed the stingrays.

Alex liked to look NOT touch, however, he makes a cute stingray!

The kids all enjoyed touching at the touch tanks.

They had never seen a living starfish before!

They loved playing in the fishing boat.


We were able watch them feed this beautiful rescued sea turtle.

After a few hours we were all hot.  It was midday in Florida in July.  The thought of going to a beach was not all that appealing as we were melting in the parking lot discussing our next stop.  We decided to head over to an (inside air-conditioned) children’s museum.  My over-prepared self already had the address programmed into the GPS for a backup…we were off.

We arrived at the children’s Museum of the Treasure Coast.

The kids had an absolute blast at this hands on museum!

Huge pirate ship to explore


shooting the cannon!
Ava the veterinarian


Alex the mechanic's like career day!
Publix was a HUGE hit with all of the kids!
My little shopper Audrey

AND, as if the museum couldn’t get any better….a Lego robotics team from a local high school came to show off, and teach the kids, their skills!  The gathered the interested kids into a room and explained what their club was all about.  When they put on the DVD of their award-winning competition Alex actually left my side and ventured over to the other kids to watch…they had him at Lego!

The icing on the cake was when Alex was able to control a large robot that they brought.

He controlled the robot to maneuver to the ball, pick it up, ..then shoot a hoop!

After we cooled down and played for about 4 hours. inside the museum. it was time to see the sun again.  All of the kids, and moms, changed into bathing suites and hit the interactive water fountain.

After the fountain we headed to the beach at the river.  It was conveniently located about 20 feet from the fountain.  The kids discovered a living sand dollar..I wish I had a picture.  This day just kept getting better!

It was getting close to dinner time, the kids were all running on empty.  We found a nearby (so no kids would fall asleep in the car) restaurant.  I have to say that the dragon salad with yummmy spicy shrimp I ordered was amazing!

We never got to the beach as we had planned to see after dinner.  The dark skies and lightning crackling in the air changed our minds.  That is why this post is titled Hutchinson Island Part 1…part 2 is soon to follow!

I love homeschooling!

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