Field Trip Friday: Funky Chicken Farm

We have missed a few field trip Fridays the last few weeks.  We actually had a few weeks filled with field trips while my husband, Shane, was home.  We crammed as much fun as we could into his two weeks home!

Shane has gone back to work and we are back on our normal, I’m not sure what that is, schedule.  This field trip was on a Wednesday but I feel that it qualifies as a field trip Friday post, especially since we will be traveling this friday.

Our homeschool group visited the Funky Chicken Farm in Melbourne today.  Farmer Anthony and farmer Suz showed us around their farm.  Farmer Suz was raised on the farm, it has been in her family since the 1940’s.  Anthony and Suz lost their jobs within days of one another three years ago and decided to make running their farm a full-time gig.  They have a wonderful thing going out there and it was a great for all of the kids, and moms, to see how it runs.

I love that farmer Suz emphasized the circle of life.  From the chickens, ducks, rabbits, and goats to the worms and the honey bees….she let the kids know that all life depends on other life for survival.

Here are the some of the highlights from our tour (there would have been more but Audrey was in explorer mode and spent much of the tour on my hip):

Audrey checking out the 'funky' chickens
Farmer Alex...looks like he may actually be going on safari


Getting ready to hold a chick

‘ sign on the fridge…..

George the bunny


Checking out a worm

Farmer Suz said that this would probably be the last tour until the fall because it was already really hot and humid.  The fun field trip at the Funky Chicken Farm came to an end.  The kids were somewhat hot and cranky.  I surprised them with a treat and took them to an ice cream shop with our friends!


And they loved the train!

Another wonderful field trip Wednesday…..I mean Friday 😉

I love homeschooling!!

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