Field Trip Friday: Florida Today / USA Today

We were lucky to be able to go on a field trip to the Florida Today / USA Today newspaper complex.  Alex was so excited for this field trip.  He has watched the Mighty Machines newspaper factory episode so many times and was ready to see the real thing.  Ava, on the other hand, opted out of this field trip.  She claimed that the newspaper factory would be too stinky.  I told her that she had it confused with a paper factory but she insisted on not going so she had a date with her grandma instead.

Alex has always pointed out the newspaper building every time we would pass it, he was so stoked when we actually pulled in!

Alex loved this painting in the lobby….even though you can’t tell by his expression.  We were told that there was one thing wrong in the painting.  Can you find it?

In the painting there are three me on the moon.  Apparently, only two were allowed out at a time.  Our guide on this field trip was wonderful!

She told us that the founder of our local Florida Today newspaper was also the founder of USA Today, I had no idea!  She also told us that they no longer produce the USA Today at this location, it has been moved to Orlando.

We were able to see where all of the reporters work.  I couldn’t help but think of all of the ‘breaking stories’ that have been reported in this area.

We were then led down a very long, and super cool, hallway.

Alex and Audrey enjoyed the area of the hallway that crossed over a stream.  Alex was telling me that he wanted a stream to go under our house like this….I told him to tell his daddy because I liked it too!

Alex was anxiously awaiting the factory scene that he had watched on television so many times.  At the end of the hallway was a door.  The door opened and Alex was in awe….the factory!

He thought that the reams of paper was giant toilet paper at first, lol!

This was in indeed the factory that he had imagined.  He was so excited and I was so happy that this field trip met his expectations!  There was so much to see and I missed so many photos due to a cranky little girl on my hip…but I promise you it was super cool!

Look at this pallet of coupons!

We were then taken out of the factory area and led to the TV production room.  Audrey decided it was time for a snack and we had to excuse ourselves to the hallway.  Yep, I breastfed in the hallway of Florida Today 😉  Here they are, post snack, enjoying the stream again while waiting for our group.

At the end of the field trip the kids were each given a pad and pen so that they could become reporters (they even gave us one to bring home to Ava).  Alex proclaimed this to be one of his favorite field trips yet!

It is his favorite right behind the chocolate factory….

I would like to also give a big thank you to Carrie for making this happen!

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