Field Trip Friday: FIT Aviation

I was really excited about this field trip.  One of our friends in our homeschool group put this one together and it was amazing!  We visited the Florida Institute of Technology Aviation, this is where they train future pilots.  Alex was so excited to see an airplane up close and I was stoked that Shane would be able to make it on this field trip with us.

Our guide was absolutely awesome.  He was so enthusiastic while guiding us through our tour.  He said that one of the kids in the group would hopefully be a student of his one day.

Alex sporting his 'Future Pilot' sticker

We learned that the first thing that a pilot needs to check is the weather.  We also saw the maps of air space…Alex enjoyed seeing the area around Cape Canaveral that is labeled a ‘no-fly’ zone.

Next, we headed to the flight simulation room.  All of the kids were excited about this…it looked like giant video games!

After the flight simulation room we headed outside to the hanger.

This turned out to be Alex’s favorite part.  He enjoyed seeing the airplanes being repaired, he liked the idea of taking them apart and putting them back together.

When I asked him if he wanted to be a pilot he said “No, I want to build airplanes!”.

Next, we headed outside to see an airplane up close and personal.  Wait, airplane crossing!

This is the airplane that does all of the cool tricks in the air.  It looked like metal but felt like very thin plastic.  Not all of the pilots in training learn to fly this plane, it is an additional elective.

The kids were all given the opportunity to get into a plane.  They were all so excited!

After all of the kids got a chance (or two) to get into our airplane we headed inside to say goodbye. The kids were all given a poster and a model airplane to assemble once they got home.

This was an amazing field trip.  I love homeschooling!

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