Field Trip Friday: Fire Station

Alex and Ava were both so excited for this weeks field trip.  We were headed to a fire station and bringing their cousin along with us!

Our firefighter tour guide was great.  He was more than willing to answer all of the kids questions.

After we toured the inside (sorry no photos Audrey was on my hip!) we headed out to check out the fire trucks.

They brought out the ladder truck.

The ladder went up.

And up!

All of the kids loved this.

Here is a fireman before suiting up.

And after.

They are supposed to be able to do this in 60 seconds!

Now the kids got to go into the truck.

They put on the lights and sirens.  The kids cuddled for this one.

Our field trip to the fire station was a huge success.  The only thing that Alex was bummed about was that there wasn’t a fire pole!

I love homeshooling!





2 thoughts on “Field Trip Friday: Fire Station

  1. Angela says:

    Paula, a lady in our homeschool group set the field trip up for us, so it was planned. However, there is a firestation next to a park we go to and we sometimes walk over to the station while playing and they will let the kids go in the trucks and give them hats 🙂

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