Field Trip Friday: Ben And Jerry’s

This week we went on a field trip to Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream shop.  Honestly, I cannot think of a better field trip to go on in July in Florida!

We met friends before the field trip at a park and did some exploring in the woods.  We got hot and sweaty then headed to Ben and Jerry’s for our field trip.

The kids got to watch a film about how the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is made and transported.

Our tour guide was wonderful.  She showed us a bucket that gets filled with 5 pounds of sweet loving.  The bucket is filled with ice cream, bananas, fudge, and more.  The Vermonster..for $40 it can be yours.

We were shown the storage room and the kids got to feel how cold it is in the deep freezer.

Alex wishes that this was our freezer

And last but not least all of the kids got ice cream!

She didn't want to share with me!


Ava wanted a pic of her mad face....pretty cute if you ask me!

This field trip was certainly one of the kids favorites.

I love homeschooling!

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