Falling In Love With Coconut Oil

My relationship with coconut oil started as a fling but has recently flourished into a full-blown love affair! 

I first purchased coconut oil as an ingredient to make homemade deodorant.   I made the deodorant then put my jar of coconut oil away in a cabinet.

I recently began using the no ‘poo shampoo method on my hair.  I needed a leave in conditioner for my coarse and curly, sometimes frizzy, hair.  I opened the cabinet and pulled out my jar of coconut oil.  Into my hair it went.  It worked wonderfully!  I rub a little of the oil in my wet hair after a shower and voila…great hair!

I am on a roll…here are the ways that I am currently using coconut oil. 

1.  In my homemade deodorant.

2.  Leave in hair conditioner

3.  Facial cleaner

4.  Lip conditioner

5.  Soothes my eczema

6.  I apply it to my entire body after a shower

7.  Audrey’s diaper rash

8.  Ava had a runny irritated nose from allergies, I rubbed a little inside her nose before bed and it cleared it right up

9.  Used it to replace the oil in my banana bread recipe..yummm

10.  I rub it into my hands and cuticles for soft hands

11.  I even eat a spoonful a day to boost my immunity

There are so many uses for coconut oil.  I plan to continue to find new ways to use it!

You can read about the many benefits of coconut oil here.

If you have additional uses I would be stoked if you would share them with me!

23 thoughts on “Falling In Love With Coconut Oil

  1. Sunshine says:

    Thank you!! I am totally in love with coconut everything right now. I am a walking coconut. Sooo I will utilize these suggestions! I have your site as a favorite on my Blackberry now….hooray!

  2. kelly says:

    My new favorite sandwich is coconut oil and raw honey! YUM! It’s delicious spread on bread (or anywhere else that butter goes). The kids love their cinnamon toast made with it (and the cinnamon and coconut oil combo is great for regulating glycemic issues). It works wonders to get face paint off of kids! LOL. Great for bug bites too! I have a jar in the kitchen, and one in each of the bathrooms since we go through it so fast! I can’t wait to read others’ ideas on ways to use it.

    • Angela says:

      Thank you Kelly, I know what I will be making for breakfast in the morning…and I just pulled a fresh loaf of bread out of the oven!

  3. Megan says:

    Coconut oil can cure neuropathy (numbness in extremities)!! I have MS and was prescribed a 1/2 tsp. orally morning and night and the numbness in my toes went away. I have been in love with the stuff ever since!!

  4. Diane says:

    Have you used this alone as a deep conditioner.
    I have seen on line with putting on your hair alone and using as a deep conditioner. Just wondered if anyone has tried this and how it worked for them.

  5. Kim says:

    What brand/type of coconut oil do you use? I’m a newbie to all of this and there seems to be so many different options!

  6. Patra says:

    I am falling more and more in love with coconut oil!

    I mix coconut oil with kosher salt and use it in the shower as a body scrub. It exfoliates and moisturizes at the same time! One time I used sugar instead of salt and it worked well too (it tasted better when I used it on my face!) 🙂

    Right now, I am looking to make a coconut oil lotion so that I can help heal some skin dermatitis. If I use Essential Lavender oil (20-30 drops were recommended), do I also need to add Vitamin E oil? What if I added the Lavender to the body scrub?

    Thank you for your blog! I’ve been enjoying it tonight.


  7. Cristina says:

    I’ve made a spread using coconut oil mixed with honey and cocoa powder. 🙂

    Also, I’ve made some treats / bars is using also coconut oil, amaranth, cocoa powder, honey, chia seeds, oats and shredded coconut.

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