Fall Inspired Sensory Play Activities

Fall is my favorite season and one of our favorite ways to play is through sensory activities, combine the two and you have some super fun fall inspired sensory play activities.  These fall sensory activities are both fun to make and fun to play with!

I have lived in Florida for more than a decade and I REALLY miss fall.   My kids have watched shows that discuss fall leaves and they are often confused, I have to remind them that palm fronds don’t turn pretty shades of orange, yellow, or red (however, it would be super cool if they did!).  It is mid-October and I am determined to make fall happen in our home even if it is in the form of sensory play.

Fall Inspired Sensory Play
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I thought it would be great to share several fun fall inspired sensory play activities here as a resource for you (and me). I plan to create a new sensory activity at least once a week, I often forget how much my kids enjoy sensory activities and the many benefits of sensory play.

So here we go, fun fall inspired sensory play ideas…..

Audrey’s most favorite thing ever right now is Play Doh, so I knew that she would once again LOVE homemade pumpkin pie play dough.  This dough smells great and is fun to play with, it also doesn’t have any nasty ingredients so if a kids sneaks a bite it is okay.

Fall Inspired Sensory Activities

Another fun pumpkin sensory play activity comes from Mess For Less, a fun and totally messy scented shaving cream pumpkin pie sensory activity.  My kids get super excited when I buy shaving cream, they know the only I buy it is so they can play!

Scented Pumpkin Pie

Little Bins for Little Hands shares three awesome ways to enjoy sensory play using the entire pumpkin.  Pumpkin painting, pumpkin sensory play, and a fizzing pumpkin activity – oh my!  SO much fun!

Pumpkin Sensory Play

Okay, one more pumpkin activity and I KNOW that this will be Alex’s favorite.  Pumpkin guts exploration from Stir the Wonder, how cool (and easy) is this sensory bag?!?

Pumpkin Guts Exploration

Pretend play is huge in our home so this Fall Leaf Soup idea from And Next Comes L is pretty awesome and I know that all three of my kids will love this (yes, I will make three separate soup containers!).

Fall Leaf Soup


I thought for sure that I had posted about sensory bottles but apparently I haven’t.  I am putting it on my list because they are so fun and are very helpful when one of my kids is overstimulated and needs a break.  Playful Learners makes some great Autumn Discovery Bottles.

Autumn Sensory Bottles

Our yard is full of palm trees but we are lucky to have a nearby park that is stacked with pine trees.  I cannot wait to paint pinecones with fall spice paints with my kids, thank you Sow Sprout Play!

Painting Pine Cones With Fall Spice Paints

Sensory bins are totally awesome.  Alex is the only Florida boy that I know that was obsessed with John Deere.  His bike was stolen once from our yard and was quickly returned because no one else nearby owned a John Deere bike!  He will be excited (even though Star Wars is his new ‘thing’) when I make this fall harvest sensory bin, thank you Plain Vanilla Mom!

Fall Harvest Sensory Bin

Another use for pinecones from And Next Comes L, pinecone and cinnamon sensory soup.  I think I will have to make this with the fall leaf soup, it will be a very cool pretend restaurant!

Pinecone & Cinnamon Sensory Soup

I love the colors and smell of this apple scented soap foam from Learn Play Imagine.  It is pretty, smells yummy, and is SUPER fun!

Apple Scented Soap Foam

This sensory bin from Stir the Wonder will have you making apple pie for dessert.  This apple pie sensory bin is easy, fun, and lasts for a long time!

Apple Pie Sensory Bin

I hope that you enjoy these are great ideas for fall inspired sensory play, I know that they will keep my family busy until winter.  If you have any fun sensory activities to share please do so below in the comments, thank you!

By the way, you know how I talked about living in Florida and missing fall?  Well, a few weeks ago a cool breezed rolled onto the barrier island that we live on and I was immediately energized.  I opened up the house and the kids and I headed outdoors.  It was a glorious day and then it was over.  I wanted, no I NEEDED, more fall so a week later we packed up our bags and headed to Georgia.  I was quickly reminded that I had acclimated to the tropical climate that Florida offers as I froze when the lows hit the upper 40’s (heck even the highs in the low 70’s had me shivering at times!).  I admit that I am kinda enjoying fall inspired sensory activities with my kids in our house with the air conditioner on, sigh…….


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