Every Day Is Mother’s Day To Me

Yesterday was Mother’s Day.   My two youngest girls were sick and my dude was thousands of miles away.  People kept calling me and messaging me saying that they were sorry I was having to spend my Mother’s Day with sick kids and an out-of-town hubby.  I don’t think that they believed me when I said that I was totally okay with it.  Mother’s Day is just another day to me because I view everyday as Mother’s Day.

Don’t get me wrong, of course I wished my dude was home, I wish for that each day that he is gone.  Of course I wished my girls were well, but I was more than happy to take care of them and make them feel better.  Just because my girls were sick and my dude was gone did not make me feel less appreciated as a mother.  I am a mama everyday and I am honored everyday.  Every day is Mother’s Day to me.

I appreciate every single day that I wake up as a mama.  Hallmark does not need to remind my husband, my kids, or myself  that I am a mother and that I should be appreciated.   The memories that we are making everyday are more important to me than any card, bouquet of flowers, or dinner out could ever be.  My family sacrifices financially so that I am able to stay at home and homeschool our children.  I know  that our financial sacrifice is a small when compared to the investment that we are making in our children and our family.

Our family’s happiness comes from love not money.  All of the financial sacrifices that we make is well worth it.  Our family is rich in love and what could be better than that?  We don’t need a calendar to tell us it is Mother’s Day, in our family everyday is Mother’s Day.

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