Embracing the choas!

I am learning to simply embrace the chaos that is my life.  It is my tendency to ‘freak’ out a little when everything is not in it’s place…I tend to like things neat.  Homeschooling in my house is not an orderly task!  When I work with Alex I may occupy Ava with play doh and put Audrey down with a pile of blocks.

The Story of Ping meets legos & Play Doh!


The outcome is a mess.  But the mess is a happy mess and I am learning to deal with it!  My house is clean just chaotic most of the time and I am learning to breath and enjoy the moment.  These moments won’t be forever so I want to cherish them.  I want my kids memories  to be the fun they had at home not me being a stressed out clean freak!

Although the clean freak in me comes out now and then I am trying to embrace the chaos that is my homeschooling life!!  That being said it is Sunday so I am going to go clean so I can just have fun learning & playing with my kids for a few days.

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