Eliminating Processed Foods: Homemade Yogurt

My family just completed our second week of eliminating processed foods from our diets.  Slowly my kitchen cabinets are riding themselves of the many convenance foods we had relied on.  No more boxed rice and pasta mixes.  No more cans of both.  No more boxes of mac and cheese. No more store-bought bread and rolls.  No more soda.  I am finding I have a lot more storage space in my kitchen!

It seems that we are simply going back to basics.  I am feeling better and the kids behavior seems to be improving.  I am really surprised that the kids haven’t complained more, they seem to be excited about the changes that we are making.  Although I am still struggling to find a simple sandwich bread recipe that Alex doesn’t complain about  They really enjoy being in the kitchen with me making all of the new foods.  It is a journey that we are beginning together and I think it is fantastic!

This week we ran out of graham crackers and yogurt.  I successfully replaced both with an unprocessed alternative.  I just posted my graham cracker recipe.  The yogurt was amazingly simple.  I had never thought of making yogurt until my friend told me she had done this.  She researched it and found a culture that claimed tasted like Stoneyfield yogurt, which all of our kids loved.  She used the villi yogurt starter (click here).  She had made it and was extremely happy with it.  She shared some with me (yippee!).  I love this because you don’t need a yogurt machine you make it on your counter at room temperature.  (I watched this video to see how to do it).   I made vanilla and strawberry yogurt this week.  I plan to freeze some into yogurt pops this afternoon.  AND I never have to buy yogurt again!

I am so happy that we have begun this change in our family. This week I am going to begin canning…I will keep you posted!!

homemade yougurt!!!



3 thoughts on “Eliminating Processed Foods: Homemade Yogurt

  1. Angela says:

    He is fine. He will eat anythng that I put in front of him. I am lucky in the fact that he doesn’t complain! I do need to start making homemade bleu cheese dressing bc that is his favorite.

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