Eat Less Sugar – Stevia / Sugar Blend Recipe

Reducing your sugar intake in half is simple when you use this stevia / sugar blend recipe.  This recipe calls for only two ingredients…so easy!  You will be able to eat less sugar once you make this stevia / sugar blend.  Oh,  if you don’t want anyone to know, no worries!  They won’t know it isn’t pure sugar unless you tell them.

As I mentioned this recipe calls for only two ingredients.  Stevia and sugar.  That’s it!


Stevia is a herb that is naturally very sweet.  It is considered 100 to 200 times sweeter than sugar, but it doesn’t raise blood sugar levels like sugar and other artificial sweeteners do.  Stevia is so sweet that when I open the bag I can taste the sweetness in the air, it is really crazy!

Eat Less Sugar! - Stevia / Sugar Blend Recipe

For this recipe I use organic powdered stevia with NO added fillers or additives.  Many packages are labeled as stevia and the product is actually only 1% stevia and the rest chemicals.  Please read labels!

Stevia sweet drops are great to use in recipes, such as sugar-free ketchup, but for this stevia / sugar blend recipe you will need powdered stevia.


This stevia / sugar recipe works well with all kinds of sugar.   I currently make and use three varieties of this blend:

I use organic sugars when possible.

This blend works wonderfully in all recipes.  I am not a professional baker (at all!) but use it in our pancakes, muffins, waffles, baked goods…pretty much everything and the results have been great.

Stevia / Sugar Blend Recipe

For this recipe I mix 1 teaspoon of stevia powder with 1 cup of sugar.  I add it to a jar, place the lid on, and shake it well.  I shake it prior to each use.

Stevia / Sugar Blend Recipe

When using this blend use HALF the amount that a recipe calls for.  When a recipe calls for 1 cup of sugar use 1/2 cup of stevia / sugar blend.

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Eat Less Sugar! - Stevia / Sugar Blend Recipe
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 1 cup
Eat less sugar using this easy to make stevia/sugar blend! This blend is way sweeter than sugar. You only need two ingredients: sugar & pure stevia powder.
  • 1 cup organic sugar (coconut, cane, brown...whatever sugar you prefer!)
  • 1 teaspoon PURE stevia powder
  1. Combine sugar and stevia. Store in a jar.
  2. Use HALF the amount of the blend for recipes.
  3. If the recipe calls for 1 cup of sugar, use ½ cup of the blend.
  4. Shake well prior to each use.


That’s it!  It is really insanely easy to make and delicious to use.

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