Charts, Charts, & More Charts!!

First day back to school after the holidays and we accomplished all that I had planned.  Alex did all of his work without any complaining. I hope this is the beginning of a trend.  Ava knocked out almost everything that I had planned for her for the entire week.  She was loving school!

We got busy and knocked out most of our paperwork before lunch.  Once schoolwork was done I looked around the house and became very overwhelmed with all of the housework that I needed to do.  I was still tackling laundry mountain, which formed after our camping trip, and I needed to catch up on all of my everyday cleaning that I have been neglecting since the holidays.

It is hard enough as a mom to keep up with household chores.  I think that when you are a homeschooling mom it adds a new level of difficulty.  The kids never leave.   At least this is how it is in my household.  When I am at home my kids are at home.  I have to figure out how to clean with them under my feet.  I clean one room then turn around and another room is trashed!

I often feel overwhelmed as if I have to accomplish all household chores in one day and then I end up not accomplishing much.

I have pondered a cleaning chart in the past.  One of my friends told me that she had created one and found it very helpful.  I tend to micro manage and thought that a clean chart may be going to far; however, today I decided I needed a household cleaning chart.  I turned to Donna Young’s Homeschool Resource website which I had been looking browsing through for about a week.  She must be an amazingly organized woman and she has truly inspired me.

I first printed up her simple menu planner chart.  I have always meal planned our dinners and sort of planned our other meals but this one breaks it down even including snacks!  This makes the day a little easier when you can look at it and see what you are making for every meal.  And planning all the way down to snacks will eliminate random, and costly, trips to the grocery store.

Next I started checking out her household chore charts.  She breaks it all the way down to everyday chores.  I don’t think I need to go that far.  I have my routine.  I know that I wipe down counters, clean the sink, do dishes and laundry I skipped this one.  I am still playing around with how I will lay it down but so far I have created a list of chores that need done:

weekly:  steaming the floors, cleaning toilets, changing bedding…..

monthly:  cleaning ceiling fans, microwave, oven….

every 3 months:  hall closet, outside house windows…

every 6 months:  go through kids clothes…

annually:  washing curtains…

Now I just need to break them down to what day a specific chore is done so that it is somewhat balanced.  I really think that this will take some anxiety out of housework.  I will know what I need to specifically do on a particular day and do it then I can move on to enjoying my family!

Call me neurotic.  Call me obsessive.  I don’t care as long as I have a clean (and chaotic) house in which I can enjoy my awesome family!!

P.S. I am now working on a chart for Alex to ‘earn’ time on the computer and video games!



2 thoughts on “Charts, Charts, & More Charts!!

  1. Sunshine says:

    You will never remember that you were behind on your laundry one week but you will always remember Audrey’s ecstatic smile while playing in “laundry mountain!!” So don’t stress too much.
    Sounds like a good plan. And the kids will learn from that too.
    I’ve given up on house cleaning. I am just now putting away the Christmas decorations! But easy to say when I escape to work every day. If I was home, I would be doing the exact same thing.
    Have a great day! Girl, what time do you get up? You’re like me, up way before the sun. <3 you.

    • Angela says:

      I don’t want to get too caught up in the housework. I don’t want the kids memories being me cleaning all of the time!! I want them to remember the fun and honestly so do I!! 🙂

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