Breastfeeding in Public

Breastfeeding Laws: Breastfeeding Mom Arrested?

This morning while I was enjoying my cup of coffee I was shocked by a post that appeared in my Facebook feed.  This post claimed that a mom was sentenced to prison after multiple citations for breastfeeding in public.  Quickly, I clicked over and read the article.  I read about a  woman that had been sentenced to 7 Read More

Breastfeed in Public Meme

Normalizing Breastfeeding: Breastfeed In Public!

Today begins World Breastfeeding Week and I would like to kick it off with a breastfeeding post.  Breastfeeding is natural.  Breastfeeding is beautiful.  I breastfeed in public often for two reasons.  The first is my child’s need to breastfeed and the second is that by breastfeeding in public I can help to normalize breastfeeding.  The Read More

Common Breastfeeding Problems & Natural Solutions

Common Breastfeeding Problems & Natural Remedies

  I love everything about breastfeeding.  From the health benefits to the amazing bonding experiences that it offers, I simply love it.    I have been a breastfeeding mama for almost 8 years.  Breastfeeding has become second nature to me but it wasn’t always this way.  There are many common breastfeeding problems and I am happy to Read More