pumpkin play doh

Homemade Pumpkin Pie Play Dough

Fall is here.  We live in Florida and I am having a hard time getting into a fall-ish mood with temperatures in the upper 80’s.  I haven’t always lived in such a tropical climate so when this time of year rolls around I miss the cool crisp air and beautifully colored leaves.  I decided that if I can’t have the fall that I Read More


Homemade Moon Sand

We are currently learning about space and we were due for a new sensory bin.  It seems that it was the perfect time for a homemade moon sand sensory bin! Making homemade moon sand is super easy and you probably already have the two ingredients in your home.  All you do is mix up, I Read More


Calm Day And Sensory Play

My husband, Shane, left town yesterday for another five-week stretch away from home.   I have found that the kids enjoy a few days of ‘down time’ at home to transition to the change/shift in the household.    Honestly, I need this down time as well to regroup and get used to being the only adult physically present Read More


Sensory Play: Spaghetti!

I have recently embraced the joys of sensory play.  I know that it is extremely beneficial for children and my kids LOVE it! This week we enjoyed spaghetti sensory play.  I got the idea from PlayAtHomeMom, there are so many sensory ideas on that site, you should totally check it out. I bought some spaghetti, Read More