Field Trip Friday: Mel Fisher’s Treasures

Yesterday was a rainy day.  We headed out to the library to meet some friends and hopefully check out the pirate ship that  recently docked nearby.  While at the library we grabbed a few books on pirates, to go along with our hopeful pirate encounter. The kids stared out the library window at the pirate ship docked in the rain.  The rain didn’t Read More


Field Trip Friday: Chocolate Factory!

A week after Easter we went on a  field trip to a chocolate factory…you never can have too much chocolate! To prepare the kids for this field trip I ordered Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the original one, from Netflix.  They watched it yesterday.  This was one of my favorites when I was a kid….it is Read More


Field Trip Friday: Indian River

This week I have been trying to keep the kids minds off of their daddy leaving town for week.    So, in the spirit of fun, we headed to the Indian River to play with our friends on a beautiful day!          The kids were finding tons of hermit crabs, sea snails/slugs, and shrimps.    Read More

Jumping fun @ Pump It Up: Earth Mama's World

Field Trip Friday: Day Of Play!

All week I have been learning about deschooling myself in order to effectively unschool my kids.  The first step in deschooling is to take a break.  That is what we have done this week.  It has been an awesome week of unschooling! At about 4:00 this morning in a state of panic.  I realized we can be almost Read More


Field Trip Friday: Brevard Zoo

We have been learning about evolution this week therefore we have been discussing many animals and how they evolved.  For this weeks field trip…off to the Brevard Zoo with our friends! We started at the cheetahs.  One was playing with his toy ball…Audrey thought this was hilarious! Next we went to the giraffes.  They were awake Read More


Field Trip Friday: Brevard Museum of History & Natural Science

Yay it’s Friday!  Last week I declared all Friday’s field trip day.  There is a local museum that I have been wanting to take the kids to…field trip!! Today we headed to the Brevard Museum of History & Natural Science. We arrived at the museum and hit the imagination room while a large group of Read More


Field Trip Friday….Legoland!

I am feeling so content and confident in our decision to homeschool.  I honestly could not imagine not homeschooling.  We are finding our groove in regards to routine.  It also seems that our groove changes frequently.  Routine in our house is not a set written schedule, I tried that and it didn’t work for us.  Our Read More