Calm Day And Sensory Play

My husband, Shane, left town yesterday for another five-week stretch away from home.   I have found that the kids enjoy a few days of ‘down time’ at home to transition to the change/shift in the household.    Honestly, I need this down time as well to regroup and get used to being the only adult physically present in our home.

This morning, after a few learning activities, we had to run some errands.  We headed to the health food store to pick up some chia seeds.  I finally convinced Shane that they would make him feel better.  He even asked to mail some to him at his work location!  After the health food store we hit the grocery store, pet store (we got another critter), and the library.  I promised the kids that after we finished running around we could stay at home for the remainder of the day.

Once we got home the dark clouds began to roll in.  It seemed the perfect time to settle into some sensory play.

While the kids were eating lunch I created a new sensory bin.  My friend, Kristi, inspired this fun bean bin.  It is a garden theme.  The bin is full of kidney beans with some shovels, rakes, and pretend flowers.

The girls played at this bin for over an hour.  They even got along, they even opened their own flower shop together!

The bin kept me busy picking up beans all over the house!  (Ava was making bean volcanos)

The rain set in and it was time for Audrey to take a nap.  Alex and Ava both choose to go on the computers to play a few games on while she slept.  I couldn’t believe how quiet it was in our home.

It seemed that the gray clouds had brought about such a sense of calm.  I put on some music, lit some arghabatti, and called Alex and Ava over to the couch for some reading and cuddle time.  We read some of our book then discussed how we all missed their daddy.  I assured them that he misses us to and is working away from home in order to take care of us. I try to talk about feelings and encourage them to do the same often.

Once Audrey woke up and the rain eased a bit we headed out front for a silly string fight.  They had a blast and I was sad that we ran out of the fun spray so quickly.

The puddles were calling to the kids, I almost gave in but thunder clapped in the sky.  We headed inside quick!

The kids were bummed so I told them we could do a fun craft.  I whipped out some shaving cream, white glue, and food coloring in order to create puffy paint fun!

To create the puffy paint you simply mix equal parts of white glue and shaving cream.  You can add color if you desire.

You need to explain that they should make the paint thick so it will dry really puffy.

After they painted they headed to Ava’s room to rock out on her new drum set.  The quiet calm was gone for a bit but it allowed me the time to make dinner.

After dinner I put the kids in a bath tube with a few glow sticks in the water.  They all got in and I turned out the lights.  A glow in the dark bath seemed to end our day quite perfectly!

**Sorry no photos available of the glow in the dark bath, I truly need a new camera!**

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