C Is For Cricket: Learning About Crickets

We took a break from our Alpahabug lapbook/notebook for a while after completing our B is for butterfly page.  Ava recently asked to add to our notebook so we moved on to our C is for cricket page.  I found quite a few fun and free activities for learning about crickets.  Let the cricket learning begin!

Of course the first thing that we did to learn about crickets was head to the pet store to get some real live crickets for the kids to observe.

We watched this video about cricket breeding so that we would know how to care for our crickets.

We had a blast calculating the temperature by counting the chirps of the crickets.  All you do is count the number of chirps in 14 seconds then add 40 to get the temperature.  For example 30 chirps + 40 = 70 degrees.  This was new to me!  I also learned that only the male crickets chirp.

We read a cricket poem which Alex copied and illustrated on his own.

The Cricket

Under the summer moon,

On a clear starry night,

In a crack in a brick wall,

Of my mothers garden,

A cricket chirps.

You can find a printable version with graphics of this poem here.

We read Eric Carls ‘The Very Quiet Cricket’.

You can find learning ideas to go along with this book here.

Ava enjoyed coloring and tracing the letter C on this C is for Cricket worksheet.

You can print this worksheet here .

We also read ‘Chirping Crickets’ by Melvin Berger and ‘The Cricket In Times Square’ by George Selden.

I found a lapbook to go along with ‘The Cricket In Times Square’ over at homeschool share.  Alex will work on this lapbook as we read the book.

We found some more cricket activities for our alphabug lapbook/notebook via lapbook lessons.  I used the 5 cricket song printable on our C page.

You can print this and a few more activities here at lapbook lessons.

We attached a photo of the cricket life-cycle.You can print it here,

Alex colored and learned about the field cricket with this worksheet.

You can print it  here.

Our lapbook page was not as interactive as our typical lapbooks but I am fine with it.  Here is our C is for cricket lapbook page.

There is a list of common questions and answers about crickets that you can print here.  You can find links to more cricket videos here.

I hope that you have as much fun learning about crickets as we did.  If you have any cricket learning links that you would like to share please leave them in a comment below!

To see a list of different (free) learning ideas on this site please click here.

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