April Fools Day

What a fun day this is when you have kids! 

The kids woke up to a toilet papered living room.  I ‘accused’ Alex of doing this when he woke up and he quickly denied it.  I logged onto our computer, with Alex next to me, and opened an email.  It was a photo of our Christmas elves doing the dirty work!  I told Alex and Ava that Santa must have let them come by to play an April fools prank on us.

I made the kids a nice big bowl of cereal.  What the didn’t know was that I had frozen water in the bottom half of the bowl.  Ava didn’t quite catch on.  I almost died laughing watching Alex quietly investigate his bowl by poking, prodding, and giving it a good once over before I told him it was an April fools day prank from mama.

The kids are now at the fair and I am sitting here plotting some more fun! 


I hope that you and your family are having a great April Fools Day!!


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