A Week In Our Life: What Are We To Learn This Year? (Mamatography Week 1)

Our holiday house guests have left, dude had to leave town for work so it was just the kids and I at home.  We settled in and we were ready to embrace 2014.  It is a new year,  I skipped making resolutions but I am enjoying they way that entering a new year makes me feel,  it’s like starting all over a fresh beginning and I couldn’t help but feel excited for all of the awesome moments that this year has in store for my family.

Day 1:  1/1/14

The girls were lazy from staying up late on New Year’s Eve and enjoyed being lazy on the air mattress in the living room (it is not always there, it was a special New Year’s Eve treat).


While they were lounging Alex and I discussed his current learning interests.  He is still fascinated with history and wants to continue on the same path.  The last explorer we studied was Christopher Columbus so we will discuss John Cabot then move on to Ponce de Leon.  We live on the coast of Florida and this part of history is all around us so it only seems fitting that we do an in-depth study of Florida state history, I see lots of field trips in our future!  Alex also wants to learn about geology so we will study the layers of the earth as well as rocks and minerals.

Once the girls finally got their energy we headed to play at a park.  By the way, Audrey loves her boots!


Day 2:  1/2/14

We enjoyed a fun morning discovering the earth’s surface and played a game of catch with our blow up earth while recording whether Alex’s index finger landed on water or land.  Water won.


Day 3:  1/3/14

This was a super cold day.  I know that this weather isn’t considered cold to most but for us Floridians it is cold so we hit the library then stayed inside and enjoyed making earth crafts and drinking hot cocoa.


Day 4:  1/4/14

The weather warmed up a bit  so we got outside and hit the park.  This is a super cool tree with dolphins carved out of it, Ava has always been drawn to it….


The park was near the river so we had to check it out as well…


Day 5:  1/5/14

Another beautiful day, another outing to a park (yes, we really like parks and are lucky to have many to choose from!).


Day 6:  1/6/14

The weather started getting cooler, who I am I to say she couldn’t ride her bike inside?


Day 7:  1/7/14

Another super cold Florida day.  We stayed inside except when we ran to the car to drive to fencing…


The first week of 2014 has been great and I know that this is going to be another amazing year!

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2 thoughts on “A Week In Our Life: What Are We To Learn This Year? (Mamatography Week 1)

  1. Ponce de Leon? I saw the ship on Pirates of the Caribbean last night! hahaha

    History is so not my thing. 🙂 I love that you let her ride inside.

    Thanks for participating!!

    • Angela says:

      Ha, I think Alex would enjoy that movie, I know that I love it!

      One of the greatest thing about homeschooling is that I get to learn with them, I sucked at school and rarely paid any attention. :/

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