A Week In Our Life: Snowmen & Rainbows (Mamatography Week 3)

It has been a cold week here in Florida, but it didn’t stop us from getting out and enjoying the outdoors, eating ice cream, and creating our snowman art!

Day 15:  1/15/14

We hung out on the porch of the oldest home in the town while waiting to meet and play with our friends at our favorite park.


Day 16:  1/16/14

Alex has fencing twice a week and he loves it, the girls have a hard time sitting in a room for an hour waiting for their brother (thank goodness for technology!).


Day 17:  1/17/14

It seems that when a cold snap comes to the beach we end up at our favorite ice cream shop, go figure!


Who am I to say no?!


Day 18:  1/18/14

The windows are closed and the heat is on.  It is cold Florida day so a snowman breakfast sounded perfect…


And a few snowman crafts….


Day 19:  1/19/14

It was still cold so we saw to see the movie ‘Frozen’.  Audrey decided she would be a princess for the rest of the day.


Day 20:  1/20/14

We have been hitting our street attemting to obtain signatures for speed humps to be installed (yay!), the kids have really enjoyed this….


They also enjoy the breaks….


Day 21:  1/21/14

Alex and Ava enjoy a homeschool music class…


while Audrey enjoys the play floor…


and on our way to fencing we all enjoy this rainbow!


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One thought on “A Week In Our Life: Snowmen & Rainbows (Mamatography Week 3)

  1. Lovely photos…I love the whole idea of going to an icecream shop with my kids. We just don’t really have stuff like that here :/ Reminds me of trips like that with my own parents. So lovely.

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