A Week In Our Life: Another Ordinary Week (Mamatography Week 5)

The cold weather has caused several of our group activities to be canceled and it seems that we have gotten ourselves into somewhat of a lazy homebody type of groove.

Day 29:  1/29/1

Ava loves playing on the bike rack at the library….


Day 30:  1/30/14

I woke up wanting comfort food and here it is homemade cinnamon rolls.  This was a ‘quick’ recipe but it still took about 2 hours from start to finish so it was more of a mid morning snack….


Day 31:  1/31/14

While I was busy cleaning (see my vacuum and steamer cords?) Audrey was busy dressing up in her brother’s clothes!


Day 32:  2/1/14

Alex enjoying a relay race at a friend’s fencing themed birthday party…


Day 33:  2/2/14

Ava cleaned her kitchen so well….now can she clean mine?!


Day 34:  2/3/14

The cold weather is gone so the kids braved the pool, the water is still really cold to me.


Day 35:  2/4/14

Laundry anyone?


It has been relaxing and mellow but I think that we are going to have to get out and about in the upcoming weeks.


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