A Week In Our Life: An Ordinary Week (Mamatography Week 4)

A week on our life: Wordless Wednesday

This was just an ordinary week in our lives.  We had no fun field trips or outings with friends but we had each other and that was enough.

Day 22:  1/22/14

We stopped at the library to return some books and Alex wanted to head out on the dock to see if he could spot a few dolphins, which he did- he is good like that!


Day 23:  1/23/14

The ‘arctic blast’ hit Florida and we bundled up while braving the cold to look at the waves (I know it doesn’t seem that cold, but we live in Florida…below 70 is cold!).


Day 24:  1/24/14

The wind and cold left Ava not feeling so well.  Audrey on the other hand is feeling fabulous!


Day 25:  1/25/14

A care package from Memaw arrived.  Guess who got make up?


I don’t wear much make up so I am not much of a teacher when it comes to application….


Day 26:  1/26/14

She loves to dress herself!


Day 27:  1/27/14

Bentonite clay face mask selfie.


Day 28:  1/28/14

She loves to dress herself AND she loves tutus.  She seriously loves tutus, she puts them on over her pajamas to sleep in.


So, this week didn’t have any major events but to me everyday with my kids is a major event.  I really am loving my life as a mama.


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