A Week In Our Life: A Magical Start To The Week! (Mamatography Week 2)

Day 8:  1/8/14

We started off this week at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.  A great benefit of living in the same state as the Disney theme parks is the resident discounts!   We began the day at The Magic Kingdom and they had a blast!


Later in the afternoon we hopped on the monorail and headed to Epcot, the kids were excited because they had never been to this park.  We were only able to do the front of the park and never made it to the countries but they had a blast, I can see this park being very useful in our homeschool experience!


Day 9:  1/9/14

The girls had gymnastics in the morning, Alex had fencing in the evening but somehow Alex made time to bake a cake!


Day 10:  1/10/14

Mellow day today, this was the only pic that I got but it is a good one.  I love her big smile!


Day 11:  1/11/14

We are currently learning about the layers of the Earth and found that making an example out of food was very helpful.


Day 12:  1/12/14

It was a beautiful morning so we headed outside for a walk, Ava wore her seal.


Day 13:  1/13/14

The girls decided to leave the Earth studies and move onto the moon….homemade moon sand!


Day 14:  1/14/14

Of course you may stand up and dance at the table during dinner….


Another great week, 2014 is off to a great start!

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