A Is For Ants: Learning About Ants

We have gone a bit out of order while working on our Alphabug lapbook/notebook.  I was waiting for our ants to arrive in the mail to begin our A is for Ant page.

While we waited we watched a few videos about ants:


We read a few great books (click on pic for information):

Ava and I really liked the book ‘Hey Little Ant’.  It is a very sweet book about a boy that is about to squish an ant because he is little and unimportant.  The ant proceeds to tell the boy that they are very much the same and just because he is little doesn’t mean that he isn’t as important as the boy.  At the end of the book the child gets to decided what the boy will do…squish or not squish.  This book reinforces the fact that we don’t just randomly kill bugs.

And this book:

Then the day came and our ants arrived.  The kids were so very excited to begin to learn about ants.  I have to admit that I was more than a bit nervous about getting the ants into their habitat!

First, we wanted to learn hands on using our Ant Hill:  Living Ant Habitat.

Once the ants arrived I stuck them in the fridge, yes in the fridge, apparently they are aggressive biting ants and you need to calm them down prior to placing them in their ant hill.  We got the ants habitat set up then placed them into their home (quickly) and had a blast watching them get to work.  The kids love to feed them, it causes such a frenzy among the ants.

I got the resources for our A is for Ant lapbook page from Homeschool Share.

Alex hasn’t colored it yet……

There are some great facts included in the material.  Such as did you know that the worker ants are female?  I didn’t.  And the queen ant can live up to 20 years!  I love learning alongside the kids while homeschooling.

The kids watched a Magic School Bus video about ants.  They love it when I make popcorn for them while they watch shows on the computer!

I had planned an ant craft but never really got around to it.  However, we did find some cool photos of some ants in the UK that have transparent abdomens.

photo by Mohamed Babu

An artist caught the following photos, to read more about this please click here.

Our week of ant learning was super fun and we were happy to place our A is for Ants page at the beginning of our Alphabug lapbook/notebook.

I love homeschooling!

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A is for Ant:  Free homeschool lessons

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