A Day In Our Life….

How do you homeschool?  This is a question that I am asked frequently.  My most common answer is that we just learn.  It seems like a simple answer to me but I usually get confused looks  in return. 

That is what made me decide to chronicle a day in our homeschooling life, AKA our everyday life. 

I can certainly tell you that no two days are the same.  On this particular day we had no scheduled activities.  Some days we have homeschool recess, Lego club, or field trips.  Some days we have errands to run.  Today was free, it was just us.

We don’t recreate school in our home.  Our ‘school’ does not look like this.

It looks like this.


So here is our day.   March 5, 2012.

Today most of us woke up around 7:30.  We have no alarms in our bedrooms,we have no set wake up time.  We are all allowed to take our time and wake up.  We eat breakfast together.  I let the kids have free time while I straighten up the house and do a few chores. 

At around 9:00 we gathered at our dining room table to work on lapbooks.  Ava is working on her alphabet lapbook/notebook.  Alex is beginning his money lapbook.  (You can see a list of free lapbooks here)  We are all still in our jammies.


After lapbooking Alex and Ava went out back and built a castle, equipped with a drive thru, with our giant Duplo building blocks.  I believe that kids learn so much through ‘play’.

Audrey stayed inside and played with me!

I gathered the kids inside for some computer time.  Alex worked on Reading Eggs.  Ava worked on Time4Learning.  After they spent about 45 minutes officially learning they were free to play games on the computer.  Alex used eggs that he earned and played a  bowling game, Ava played a Dora game on Nick Jr.

Ava went to take a bath.  Alex worked on a money activity

 Audrey played with Marley the cat.

Elmo entertained while I got lunch together.

Finally we all got dressed.  Yes, it’s true.  We didn’t get dressed until after lunch.  You know what?  I’m okay with that! 

We loaded up and headed out.  Quick stop at the library to return some way overdue books.  The kids choose a few books and movies of their choice while I grabbed some books about money.









It is a beautiful day so we just had to stop at the park and play!







The kids played for a little over an hour.  The girls were wearing out so we headed home.  We all needed some downtime.  Ava played quietly in her room.  Alex played Wii.  Audrey took a nap.  I spent some time online.

Ava came out of her room.  She helped me make dough for our honey-wheat dinner rolls in our bread machine.  She measured out all of the ingredients.

Alex and Ava, ready to play again, headed out back to play in their block castle.

Audrey woke up and I called the other two to come inside.  Alex and Ava both picked a book from the books they picked at the library.  The four of us sat on the couch and read.  I also chose an early reader book, Star Wars of course, for Alex to read to us.  We worked on our lapbooks for a while.  

I cut and covered our bread dough, leaving it to rise, then we headed outside for a walk.

We ran into some friends and played for a while.  After an hour or so we headed home so I could put some dinner together.  Easy cooking tonight.  I pulled some chicken and wild rice soup out of the freezer, I always make soup in bulk so I can freeze and save for later, and stuck our homemade rolls in the oven.

Next up dinner, bath, wind-down time, and bed.


Ahhhhh…the kids are all snug as bugs in rugs.  I am pouring myself a glass of wine and settling in on the couch to watch  ‘Indgredients’, a documentary about food, while poking my nose in a book titled ‘The Worried Child’. 

So that is a day in our life.  We spend time with one another and learn along the way.  

I love homeschooling!

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