5 Reasons Why My Kids Love Homeschooling

5 Reasons We Love Homeschooling

This is our fifth year homeschooling and we are having a blast loving and learning on our amazing  homeschool journey.  We are homeschooling three children ages 10, 7, and 5 (grades 4th, 2nd, & K) and I was interested to hear about their favorite and least favorite things about homeschooling.  I know that they enjoy homeschooling but I really wanted to know WHY they love it so much.

I sat down and asked each of them what their five favorite things are about homeschooling, I decided to also ask them what their least favorite things were as well.  I really think that this will be a fun thing to do every year and see how the list changes and evolves as they grow.  I also think that it is a great tool to gauge where we are and if we need to make any changes in how we learn at home (we are always making changes!).

So here we go, drum roll please…….the top 5 reasons why my kids love homeschooling (and a few of their least favorite things):

Alex.  Age 10. 4th grade.  (I must mention before I share his list that he is really big on personal freedom and equality for all, like for real.)

Chemist Alex

  1. The school can’t break me here.  I don’t have to just accept anything from them.   (see this is what I mentioned up there ^^^)
  2. I can sleep in or get up and enjoy quiet time while you guys sleep in.
  3. I can stay up later.  (because he can sleep in!)
  4. I have freedom to play during the day.
  5. I have freedom to have my own rights and they are respected at home.

So, as you can tell from his list he is big into his personal freedom.

Alex’s least favorite thing about homeschooling is Math.

Ava.  Age 7.  2nd grade.

Loving Homeschooling!

  1. I can do math in my jammies.  (I think this is a big perk, I like staying in my jammies too!)
  2. I don’t have to eat school lunch.
  3. We go on lots of field trips.
  4. I get to be with my family way more often.
  5. We get to go to Disney a bunch.

Ava’s least favorite things about homeschooling is Headsprout and not getting all of her spelling words correct.

Audrey.  Age 5.  kindergarten.

Kids love to homeschool

  1. I get to do school work.
  2. I get to stay with mama everyday.  (melt my heart little one)
  3. I get to do anything I want except to be mean.
  4. I get to play with all of my friends.
  5. I like being with my brother and sister.  I am glad that we aren’t separated.

Audrey’s least favorite thing about homeschooling is when the pool is too cold to swim in.  (thank goodness we live in Florida!)

I think this is a pretty cool list and it is easy to get a glimpse of their individual personalities.  you know now you know the 5 reasons why my kids love homeschooling…. would you like to know my favorite reasons?  If now look away now because I am going to share them!

Mama.  Age 40.  Life Learner.

Loving Homeschooling

  1. I know that homeschooling greatly benefits the bond between my children and I and my children with one another.  We really like one another and enjoy learning, exploring, and loving life with one another.
  2. My kids can be kids and their individuality is celebrated by their family and their peers.  There is just something about our homeschooling community (it is AWESOME, by the way), the kids are celebrated for their individuality not asked to change so that they have to ‘fit in’.
  3. No bullying.  I have 100% say in who my kids hang out with.   I’m not saying that there aren’t homeschooled bullies (I have encountered very few) but I have the ability to remove my kids from exposure to bullies if necessary.  The homeschool groups that I am involved in always try to work together to make a situation better for everyone, a situation where everyone thrives and is happy.
  4. I get to SEE my kids grow and learn.  I don’t have to read it on a progress report.  I have the amazing opportunity to see the sparkle in their eyes when they are involved and learning about something that they are excited to discover.  I get to help them to learn how to learn then sit back and watch them do it!
  5. I get to sleep in, go on lots of field trips, spend a bunch of time at Disney, make healthy family lunches, and spend time in my jammies if I want to!

My least favorite thing about homeschooling is getting asked if I am worried about socialization.

Do you homeschool?  If so, what do you love about it?  Please share in the comments!


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11 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why My Kids Love Homeschooling

  1. Lisa says:

    I completely feel the same way!!!
    I’m happy to see a positive posting about homeschooling! It’s such a great, rewarding life and it deserves positive attention!

    • Angela says:

      Hi Lisa, so nice to meet like-minded people. Homeschooling has been such a wonderful experience for our family! You are right, it does deserve positive attention!!

  2. Ana Assink says:

    You are an amazing mother and mentor. Our homwschooling life is enriched knowing yall and other like-minded families. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Ana

  3. Great Post! I agree that homeschool is a blessing for family. After reading reasons explained above why kids love homeschooling. I have no teacher education background and I never taught in a school classroom. I am strongest in science and math. I have taught most subjects in high school and below. I think parents who don’t have teaching experience or teaching classes are still able to homeschool their children. There is so much support for homeschool students that is why its easy to learn it yourself at your own pace. I am a part of a homeschool and I know the benefits it provides to students. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi, where are you based? I have always had an urge to homeschool rather than accept an education system I am unhappy with, but this would mean so much travelling to meet up with other families as it is so rare here. We also have no family nearby and my husband works long hours so it would all fall to me, all the time; until now I have barely coped with my 15month old. just 4 and 6.5 year old….any advice?!! Love your blog, thanks so much:-)

    • Angela says:


      We are on the East coast of Florida and are so very lucky to be surrounded by an awesome homeschool community. Where are you Sarah?

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