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1/30/12 **I have to say that our ‘curriculum’ is under construction….I am dabbling in unschooling also known as  interest-led learning.  We are still working on Horizons Math and I have slowed down quite a bit on reading because I think Alex needs a little more time.  He is currently choosing what he wants to learn for our Unit Studies.  He asked to learn about “how people got here”.  We will be learning about Early Man.   I will follow-up on this once I know exactly what direction we are going in**

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Alex is 6 years old.  He would have started kindergarten in public school this year.


Math:  Horizons First Grade Math, Math Made Easy First Grade, Time4Learning.com

I use Horizons Math because I love the way it is set up.  The student doesn’t simply master a topic and move on.  Lessons are introduced, reinforced, and reintroduced.  I really like this.  We also use Math Made Easy First Grade Math simply because he loves earning the stars!  I use this more as review as it is not nearly as challenging as Horizons Math.  He also does computer work on Time4Learning.com at the kindergarten level.  We just started using this website and I want him to complete the kindergarten lessons prior to moving on.

Reading/Phonics:  Primary Phonics, Time4Learning.com

We completed Primary Phonics K and have recently moved on to Primary Phonics 1.  We are moving at a slow pace but we are making progress!  He also does computer work on Time4Learning.com to supplement what we are learning.  I really love this site because I can track his progress and see where he is struggling.

Language Arts:  Five in a Row Volume 1 and Time 4 Learning

I really love Five in a Row.  We don’t complete a story every week but we are working our way through it.  I love that Five in a Row encompasses history, science, math, literature, geography and art lessons in relation to the stories.  Ping is still my favorite!!

Science:  total hodge-podge!!

Depends on what we are interested in at the time!  We love using lapbooks.  I am trying to set up a page to post all of the lapbooks that we do, they are so much fun!   I turn to lesson pathways a lot for ideas if I am at a loss or don’t have time to put together my own unit.  There is also a science section on Time4Learning that we have yet to check out.  I like to back up whatever we are studying with streaming videos from Discovery Education.  And of course we love science experiments!  I turn to Janice VanCleave’s books all the time, we love the Gooey, Slippery, Slimy, Weird, & Fun experiments she provides.  Also, when we are reading a Five in a Row story science is covered.

Social Studies / History:  hodge podge

I am sure as Alex gets older I will turn to a curriculum (maybe) but right now I just piece it together.  We use lapbooks, worksheets, and reading.  I pick topics by the season or by what questions he has been asking.  I go to lesson pathways often for inspiration as well!  And of course there is a ton of supplementation available via streaming on Discovery Education.

Art:  anytime and all the time!!

We love making crafts, painting, and of that fun stuff!  Five In a Row also introduces art concepts that are very useful.

Ava is 3 years old and she loves to do schoolwork.  She works on lapbooks with us and follows all of the stories that we read.  She amazes me with how much she picks up just from listening to Alex and I.  She learned the months of the year before him just from listening to me sing the song over and over!  I find printables for her to complete while Alex is working.  I think I am going to have to start some type of curriculum for her because she is learning so quickly!!


Audrey is along for the ride right now!  I am so excited to see how she will learn!!


This is my first year homeschooling so I am sure our curriculum will continue to change.  But this is what we have settled into this year and it is working for us!



4 thoughts on “2011-2012 Curriculum

  1. Sunshine says:

    What a great curriculum. I am so jealous! Love the way you can turn pretty much anything into an art project. So much fun.

  2. Lindsey Sullivan says:

    I am with you on the dabbling into unschooling! There is not enough structure for me to full blown unschool our first year, this fall, and I feel strongly that interest-led learning unit studies will suit us perfectly. There are plenty of laws for me to follow here in Ohio on keeping records and number of hours schooling, etc. I saw a chart recently on the strictness of laws for homeschoolers by state and Ohio was in “Moderate” right there up next to “High.” Eeeek! This is what makes me the most nervous just getting started, on top of getting a curriculum and syllabus thrown together in the next 25 days on a minimum budget. Yikes! We definitely waited until the last second I feel, but I know we will make it work as best we can. Next year our budget will be waiting for us to pick up and take off though and things will be even greater. Good times to come, I couldn’t be happier than to declare we are a homeschooling family!

    • Angela says:

      Yay Homeschooling!!! I now call our way of homeschooling ‘very relaxed ecclectic homeschooling’. I am in Florida and the law is very kind to homeschoolers here. We just had our annual evaluation performed by a fellow homeschooling mom! Remember to breath Mama…good luck!!!!!!

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